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Elegant Cakes - Life Should Be Cake
Life Should Be Cake

Game Day Dip

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This game day dip is perfect football food – only 5 ingredients and you throw them all in the slow cooker! An easy, cheesy dip! Are you totally immersed in football season at this point? It goes without saying that we’re big Sunday football-watchers in this house, and while I’ve never followed college football, I’ve e [...]

Cake Pops Halloween

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October is right around the corner and Fall is finally here. That means it’s the start of the sweet and spooky treat season and one of my favorite times of the year to bake. So, if you’re new around here or didn’t see my Halloween book when it first came out, then here’s a little peek at Cake Pops Halloween and a fun way to help you trick out [...]

Sunday Sweets: Flights of Fancy

Sunday Sweets: Flights of Fancy
Today, we’re going to talk about the birds…   …and the bees.   That’s right! We’re talking about Things that Fly! (You look relieved. Why? What else would we talk about?) There are kites:   …balloons in bunches:   …or filled with hot air:   …and airplanes!   [...]

Easy Meal Plan Sunday {Week 66}

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It’s that time of week Easy Meal Plan Sunday {Week 66} – sharing six meals, two desserts and a breakfast recipe. Your week just got a whole lot tastier.

Crab Rangoon Dip with Wonton Chips

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Challenge Butter. The opinions and text are all mine. Be the star of any party or get-together when you serve this Crab Rangoon Dip with Wonton Chips! People LOVE this dip! #challengebutter #elktastic #antlericious #challengecows #challengecreamcheese #goelks

The Weekend Dish: 9/24/2016

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Happy, happy weekend to you! I’m thrilled because it looks like there will FINALLY be a break in the hot weather, and I hope it’s for good! This very pregnant lady is very tired of having to wear tank tops and sweating (and swelling) as soon as I walk outside. Bring on the 60’s and 70’s! Planning on having a pseudo-rel [...]

Friday Favs 9/23/16

Friday Favs 9/23/16
Some of my favorite new submissions this week:   It was Talk Like A Pirate Day this week, but I think this bakery could have used less talking and more map-drawing: When in doubt, add more arrows.   Julie asked for “boyish colors and decorations.” So you saw it here first, folks: Clown poop is officially “boyi [...]

Dream Catcher Lollipops

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The Beach Is Terrible And These Baker...

The Beach Is Terrible And These Bakers Know It
Fall, Schmall – it’s still 90 degrees here in the South, and we know just how to celebrate sun, sand, and whatever is happening here: If you squint your eyes and back up a little, this will totally look fuzzier and farther away.   Look, Truth Time: we all know the beach sucks. After all, it’s hot,   …ther [...]

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie ...

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Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars – A layer of salted caramel sauce is sandwiched between layers of a favorite chocolate chip cookie dough recipe, then topped with a sprinkle of fleur de sel. Over the last handful of years, I’ve become completely obsessed with salted caramel. Ice cream? Pass me a spoon. Popcorn, Pretzel &a [...]

Hunger Is with Safeway

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons Companies & Hunger Is. The opinions and text are all mine. Make Breakfast Happen So Kids Can Be Hungry For More!

Paleo Vegan Vanilla Sauce

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This paleo vegan vanilla sauce is cashew-based, maple-sweetened and only takes 5 minutes to make! I’ve been making a lot of paleo + vegan fall treats lately that’d go great with vanilla ice cream. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had dairy-free ice cream that’s just as delicious as the regular stuff. So her [...]

"Takes Direction Well"

"Takes Direction Well"
Ever feel like you’ve lost your direction in life?  Do you find yourself wandering aimlessly through bakery aisles and back alley icing parlors*? * I don’t actually know if back alley icing parlors exist, but a girl can dream. Are you stuck in the hangar bay of life, waiting for the pod bay doors of opportunity to open up a [...]

Pear Crisp

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This pear crisp is the perfect fall dessert – incredibly quick and easy, not too sweet, and full of juicy, ripe pears. When it comes to fall baking, I typically see the Big Three over and over again – pumpkin, apples and maple flavoring. I’m just as guilty, as those are probably my favorite fall ingredients, but that means [...]

The Back-to-School Balance

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Compensation was provided by Dr Pepper/Snapple via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Dr Pepper/Snapple or Momtrends. #DPSFlavorTour Surviving the Back-to-School balance and encouraging kids to stay active!

State Fair Sampler Cake

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You, Too, Can Be A Master Baker

You, Too, Can Be A Master Baker
Next up in our Master Baker series:   Technique A: The Gravity-Driven Rainbow Embellishment Step 1. Hold food coloring in hand:   Step 2. Invert & squeeze:       Technique B: The “Look What I Found In The Break Room!” Ornamentation Step 1. Locate phone from 12 years ago in junk drawer:   [...]

Piratey Skullduggery

Piratey Skullduggery
It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day, minions, but I really don’t know much about bandwidth or encoding or seeding bitcoin frame rates, so I’m afraid I can’t hook you up with free GoT downloads. Sorry. But I CAN show you how not to draw a skull and crossbones: See, as a rule, you don’t want knitting needles stuck in a bi [...]