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Elegant Cakes – 2014 – August
Life Should Be Cake

Monthly archives for August, 2014

Sunday Sweets Just Wants To Bang On T...

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It’s your weekend, everybody! That’s right, whether you’re a nurse:   Or an orchestra conductor:   A photographer:   Or a truck driver:   Whether you build houses:   Or burritos:   Or cakes! (That sometimes *look* like burritos.)   Or if you spend your days in front of a computer: &n [...]

Elvis Puddin’ Cookies #baconmon...

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The “King” would approve of these Elvis Puddin’ Cookies! A peanut butter, banana pudding cookie filled with bits of bacon and chocolate! #baconmonth #putsomepiginit

Pastel Layer Cake and a Blog Birthday...

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The Weekend Dish: 8/30/2014

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Happy official/unofficial last weekend of summer to you! I absolutely, positively cannot believe that Monday is September 1st. It feels like our week at the beach at the beginning of May was just yesterday. What a whirlwind summer it’s been! The week after we got back from that vacation, I found out I was pregnant, and then, boom! All o [...]

Onion Rings – Thin and Crispy!

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These Thin and Crispy Onion Rings are perfect for burgers, as a side dish or eat them for a snack! You might want to double the recipe though – they’re addicting! You have to wonder how something so simple can be so darn good?! #onionrings #sidedish #snacks

Fade to Wreck

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Just when you thought Fridays couldn’t get any better, along comes… WEDDING WRECKS! Molly S. ordered this lovely ombré design for her wedding cake:

Fun Wedding Favor – Mini Apothecary J...

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Whether it’s mini rolling suitcases or mini bird’s nests, the smaller the favor the cuter it is in my book. Of course, it also has to be useful in some way or at least filled with something yummy. Which brings me to today’s fun mini wedding favor – mini apothecary jars with lids! These are so cute and fun and you could [...]

Peanut Butter Banana Fudge Balls (glu...

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These five ingredient peanut butter banana fudge balls happen to be gluten-free, 100% whole grain, dairy-free and vegan and are super quick and easy to put together! These balls may be a bit late for back to school week but who cares? They’re good every day of the year and it’s never too late for healthier snacks or desserts that [...]

Freedom Fridays with All My Bloggy Fr...

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Evolution of the Anniversary Cake

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Tomorrow is John’s and my wedding anniversary, so I’ve been thinking: Remember how the first few years you always celebrate at some fancy-schmancy restaurant? (“Lhappy Ammversary” is totally how I’m saying it from now on.)   And you not only remember the day – you even remember how many days it’ [...]

DIY: Homemade Ranch Seasoning Mix

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I grew up in the 80′s, which means that I grew up eating A LOT of stuff that included a packet of ranch seasoning mix. The most common one was the basic veggie dip, which was simply a packet of the seasoning mix stirred into a 16-ounce container of sour cream. This was (and a lot of times, still is) the de facto veggie dip to go along w [...]


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Have you heard of the Croquembouche [CROCK-you-EAM-butchy]? It’s a French thing. Well, if not, here’s what it’s supposed to look like: So kinda like old, cobweb-wrapped monkey bread. But in a yummy way.   Well, a certain anonymous person – who shall remain unnamed to protect her anonymity – found this gem a [...]

Rustic Magnolia Wedding Cake

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And while the heat and humidity outside might make you doubt fall’s return in a few weeks, the calendar says it’s coming. So it’s time to transition into thinking about fall weddings and pumpkins and rustic wedding cakes. Which brings us to today’s cake. I love the rustic simplicity of this cake and think it would be i [...]

Orange Chicken (Better Than Panda Exp...

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My 62 Pieces of Essential Kitchen Equ...

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Welcome to the second part of my little mini-series on kitchen equipment and ingredients! One of the things that many of you mentioned in the BEB reader feedback survey is that you’d like to see some information about my favorite ingredients, kitchen tools and equipment. While I have some specific recommendations on my Tools of the Trade page [...]

Sweet & Salty Trail Mix #SnacktoS...

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That's Internet for "I Love...

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Courtesy PSA: August is “Win With Civility Month.” Fortunately, Cake Wrecks has helped inspire a touching new cake trend for just such an occasion:   You’re welcome, world.   Thanks to Autumn H., Christy M., Fribby, Haley O., Karen W., Kathleen S., Kayla P., Kristen P., Lexi, Maribeth, Anony M., Rob [...]

Snacking reinvented with Graze.

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This post brought to you by Graze.com. All opinions are 100% mine. Snacking reinvented with Graze. #graze #snack #ad