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Elegant Cakes – 2014 – December - Page 2
Life Should Be Cake

Monthly archives for December, 2014

A Tail Of WHOA

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CW reader Eric ordered a “pin the tail on the donkey” cake for his twin girls’ fourth birthday party. They got this: So many jokes, so little time. Let’s just stick with: OUCH.   Thanks to Eric T. for the hee-haws. ***** Thank you for using our Amazon links to shop! USA, UK, Canada.

Freedom Fridays with All My Bloggy Fr...

Freedom Fridays with All My Bloggy Friends #60

Marry Wrecksmas!

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After much careful deliberation, I decided to go with a “Merry Christmas” theme today. You know, like this:   Of course there’s also the “Reindeer Patty” theme: …but that one’s kind of crappy.   Now, I know this season has left some of us feeling topsy-turvy… So just remember: after [...]

Doughnut Tower Wedding Cake

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Sometimes you just want to be a litte non-traditional, right? So why not consider skipping the wedding cake entirely and giving your guests a different sweet treat? Like doughnuts! While this type of “wedding cake” isn’t what most people are expecting, it’s always fun to do something different. Plus, just about everybo [...]

A Cup of Holiday Crazy

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Has Christmas gotten a little too predictable for you this year? Well not to worry; these bakers aim to baffle. I never knew empty eye sockets could see so well… INTO MY SOUL.   Half a mustache or a bloody nose?   Ugly sweater or brick chimney?   French fries or those crunchy things you put on casseroles?   And [...]

Cranberry Cream Cheese Dessert Spread

Cranberry Cream Cheese Dessert Spread
This Cranberry Cream Cheese Dessert Spread is a fun and festive treat! It’s sure to become a family favorite!

Gingerbread Bundt Cake with Cream Che...

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Merry Christmas Eve to you! You may have all of your baking wrapped up and are getting ready for holiday festivities, but if you’re in need of a last-minute Christmas dessert with ingredients that are most likely already hanging out in your pantry, this is a perfect one. I love the seasonal flavors of gingerbread – it’s warm [...]

A VERY Happy Hanukkah

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As Hanukkah nears its end, allow me to offer a toast: Mmm. Toasty. Because that, my friends, is a bread menorah. Now, rather than butter you up with rye remarks about how this baker kneads the dough, I’ll just say this: she certainly knows how to get a rise out of her customers. (I know, I know; these puns are crumby. BUT I’M ON [...]

Different Madonna, Different "Ho...

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Hallidays!   Celebrate!   Helydays!   Celebrate!   If we took a hoilday:   Took some time to celebrate   Just one day out of life   It would be… It would be SO ICE   Everybody spread the lard   We’re gonna have a festive nation!   It isn’t very hard to me [...]

Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips

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I fully admit that for years and years and years, the mere thought of chocolate-covered potato chips sounded absolutely disgusting to me. While I love the sweet and salty combination of chocolate-covered pretzels (one of my biggest weaknesses), I just couldn’t see how chocolate and potato chips would taste good. Then, a couple of years [...]

Hot Cocoa Mix + Free Printable Tags

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White Winter Wedding Cake

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So why not pick a cake for your winter wedding that reminds your guests of a warm – and very stylish – sweater? OK, that doesn’t sound very intriguing does it? But just look at this beautiful all-white wedding cake and tell me it’s not stunning! Aside from the whole all-white-cake vibe going on, just look at the design [...]

These Santa Cakes Are Holiday Nightma...

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You better watch out   You better not cry   Better not pout I’m telling you why!   Ahem.   He sees you when you’re sleeping!   He knows when you’re awake   He knows if you’ve been bad or good   So be good or he might just murder you! Oh!   You better watch out [...]

Cheesy Breadsticks

Cheesy Breadsticks
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ACH. The opinions and text are my own.Easy and made from scratch Cheesy Breadsticks like your favorite pizza joint! Recipe includes step by step instructions with photos! Cooking with yeast doesn’t have to be intimidating! #FleischmannsYeast #ad

Chocolate Chip Tea Cookies

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These little tea cookies have been a holiday staple for the last 10 years or so. I still don’t recall where the recipe came from, but the first time I made them and had my mom and grandma give them a taste test, they declared that these were a must-make going forward. The cookies are a fantastic buttery shortbread loaded with miniature [...]

Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes (grain-fr...

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With both hazelnut meal and butter, these moist and chocolatey hazelnut cupcakes are for hazelnut lovers only! Grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and Paleo friendly. I shared these gluten-free chocolate hazelnut cupcakes on Food Fanatic yesterday and wanted to share them over here, in case anyone is still looking for Christmas dessert recipe [...]

Sunday Sweets: Merry & Bright

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We’re in the final stretch before Christmas, so here’s hoping you can all kick back and relax with loved ones for the next few days. The letters to Santa have been sent…   The gifts have been wrapped…   The lights are all rigged… “Now why are they BLINKING?”   And if you’re rea [...]

Peppermint Mocha Cookies

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