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Thursday Favs 3/26/15

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I’ll be celebrating a special holiday here tomorrow, so Friday Favs has been bumped up to Thursday! Isn’t that great news, “Demon Dog For A Five-Year-Old?” ::gutteral snarling:: Aw, I guess he can’t hear me over all the screaming.   Actually, looks like it’s been a pretty rough week all ’round [...]

Make Mom Feel Pampered with this Moth...

Make Mom Feel Pampered with this Mother’s Day Gift Basket!
This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WicklessWonders #CollectiveBias Make Mother’s Day memorable with this fun gift basket that is brimming with stuff Mom will love! This gift basket contains an assortment of things to make Mom feel pampered!

A Picture Is Worth…Well, This M...

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Say, just what kind of Mickey Mouse operation do you think they’re running here?   Hey, laugh all you want; I’m just impressed they spelled it right.   It’s like music to my eyes. Really. Ok, not really.   And if you think e-mailing a picture to the bakery helps…think again. Hey, a print-out of the [...]

Mrs. Dill’s Chocolate Cake

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Two days after we came home from the hospital with Joseph, my grandparents came to visit and meet their very first great-grandchild. My grandma brought us a chocolate cake and after days of ice chips and hospital food, it more than hit the spot. As far as desserts go, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake rank right up there as the utmost [...]

RO*TEL & Chicken Taquitos with RO...

RO*TEL & Chicken Taquitos with RO*TEL Salsa
This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #JustAddRotel #CollectiveBias These ROTEL & Chicken Taquitos make a great game day snack or party appetizer! They’re also easy enough to whip up for a quick weeknight meal!

Robin’s Nest Snack Pack Cups

Robin’s Nest Snack Pack Cups
This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SnackPackMixins #CollectiveBias These Robin’s Nest Snack Pack Cups are the perfect quick treat for Spring!

8 Insult Cakes That Backfired

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They tried to be mean. They failed.   This was supposed to say, “You’re a traitor!”   “Drunken Loser”   “You Old Buzzard”   This one’s almost accurate, if you think about it: Like, “You get older, THEN dirt.” No?   Aw, thanks! What’s a riddens? [...]

Slow Cooker Steak Fajitas

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Over the last 18 months, I have become seriously addicted to my slow cooker. Prior to that, the only thing I really used it for was to make our favorite beer and brown sugar kielbasa and sauerkraut, but last January I started to experiment with different recipes and I even used it to make candy! While I discovered the most amazing mac and che [...]

$150 Target Gift Card Giveaway!!

$150 Target Gift Card Giveaway!!

Top 10 List: Favorite Cookie Recipes

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[We continue to update the “Top 10″ series of posts with cookies!] Cookie Monster really does it right. He loves life, tackles the world one cookie at a time, and makes no apologies for his unbridled love for the sweets that make his eye go all googly. This is my kinda man monster. While baking fads will come and go, I’m pretty sure tha [...]

Vegan Cream Cheese Frosting (dairy-fr...

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This vegan cream cheese frosting doesn’t have any unusual ingredients and is also dairy-free and naturally sweetened! I needed a dairy-free cream cheese frosting a while back and I couldn’t really find anything without vegan cream cheese, margarine and powdered sugar. I’m okay with powdered sugar (though I try to avoid it if [...]

Oreo Bark

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Spring Rice Krispies Treats Pops R...

Spring Rice Krispies Treats Pops – a  fun snack for Spring!
This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #KreateMyHappy #CollectiveBias These Spring Rice Krispies Treats Pops are a fun and easy Spring treat!

"Near-Miss Day" Hits Home

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It’s Near-Miss Day, minions, and I know *just* how to celebrate:   [singsong] With a UNICOOORN! [head tilt] Is… is that a beak?   K, icks-nay on the unicorns.How ’bout a cute butterfly? Er…   Elephant cupcakes?   Glass of wine? (Please?) Arg.   C’mon, bakers, it’s not like I&# [...]

Bunny Cookie Pops

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I decorated some more oreos for you. Moreos. ; ) … I loved the letter cookie pops I posted last week so much that I couldn’t resist making cute cookie bunnies, too! They’re as easy as they are adorable. I used my  Playful Shapes Mold to make the bunny ears and bow ties. It came in pretty handy for these little hoppers. P.S. … take a look a [...]

Social Media Weekly #10 {Google+}

Social Media Weekly #10 {Google+}

Sunday Sweets Glues Some Gears On It

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Has it been long enough since my last Steampunk Sweets? Yes? WOOHOO!!!   So it’s no secret I’m a huge fan of steampunk, and I love that bakers continue to churn out rivet-licious, copper-clad, and clockwork styled beauties – like this! Great grinding gears, LOOK at all that detail!   But never let it be said that [...]

Garlic Broccoli Salad

Garlic Broccoli Salad
Hi all! It’s Emily again, from Nap-Time Creations… I’m excited to be here today… Happy Friday! No, those aren’t bugs in my broccoli! They are black sesame seeds and this garlic broccoli salad is SO flavorful. A mix of Asian flavors and broccoli salad, this is a favorite of mine.  The broccoli is actually c [...]