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A Collection of Top 10 Lists

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It’s totally unfathomable to me that I have managed to accrue over 1,200 recipes here on Brown Eyed Baker over the past 9+ years! Can you believe it?! A number of years ago, many of you began asking what my favorite recipes were since there were so many to dig through, so I began to collect my favorite recipes in a number of categories [...]

Ritz Cracker Chicken

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Ritz Cracker Chicken couldn’t be easier, or more delicious. With just a handful of ingredients, you’ll have dinner on the table in no time! I stumbled across this recipe years ago, and immediately fell in love with it. Talk about the easiest of dinners! Not only does it require very little prep time – only about 5 minutes, [...]

Oreo Peanut Butter Pie Cups

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Garlic Parmesan Wonton Crisps

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Garlic Parmesan Wonton Crisps are an easy appetizer idea perfect for any party or get-together! Easy to make!

Less-Than-Superb Owl Wreckage

Less-Than-Superb Owl Wreckage
My Superb Owl Sweets for Super Bowl Sunday must have been super inspirational, because look what Ashley ordered for her daughter’s birthday! D’awww. Ashley ordered it from a different baker, though, which meant there were bound to be just a few slight differences. [poker face] [eye twitch] [biting lip] Er… Quick, look at th [...]

Jalapeño Popper Dip

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Jalapeno Popper Dip is creamy, cheesy and has just the perfect amount of kick. Great appetizer for your next party or watching the big game!  I love any excuse I can come up with for making, and subsequently devouring, all sorts of delicious dips. You might remember that a little over five years ago, I told you about going to a “dip par [...]

20 Celebration Recipes, Happy 4th Blo...

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20 Celebration Recipes, Happy 4th Blog Birthday and $500 Cash Giveaway!

Easy Meal Plan #35

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Week 35. Collaborative weekly meal planning. 9 bloggers. 6 dinner ideas, one-weekend breakfast plus 2 desserts every single week equals one heck of a delicious menu!

Sunday Sweets To MARVEL Over

Sunday Sweets To MARVEL Over
Have you guys seen Deadpool yet? I haven’t, though it looks hilarious. Be honest, though; does anyone else find it ironic that “The Merc With A Mouth” wears a costume… with no mouth? Poor Deady, can’t even eat his own cake. That’s the last Deep Thought for today, though. Because if there’s one thing [...]

The Weekend Dish: 2/20/16

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Hello hello! I feel like this week was super extraordinarily long. Was it just me? In any event, happy weekend everyone! I think I’m finally nearing the end of the awful chest cold that Joseph so graciously shared with me… so much yuck! Ugh! What are you up to this weekend? Baking anything good? Fill me in! As always, you’ll find [...]

Churro Cream Puffs

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Churro Cream Puffs are covered in cinnamon and sugar and filled with a sweet cinnamon whipped cream. They’re super delicious and easy to make! I’ve been baking for what seems like forever and have been blogging for over 7 years – which is craziness by the way. During that 7 years, I’ve posted hundreds of recipes for [...]

Chocolate Cookie Butter Party Cups

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Friday Favs 2/19/16

Friday Favs 2/19/16
This is a perfectly lovely wedding cake, you guys. Perfectly lovely. [...] [side eye] But I’m not the only one who sees it, right? #DirtyMindsUnite   This little girl is thinking, “I can ALSO spell better than you, dude.”   Such a nice chocolate wine glass, and then… WHY?!   When You Ask For A Rainb [...]

Paleo Lemon Cookies

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These soft and chewy paleo lemon cookies are vegan, grain-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Unlike my last paleo cookie recipe, these paleo double chocolate cookies, you can totally tell these lemon cookies are grain-free. Those other cookies have almond butter in them doing all kinds of magical things to the texture but I didn’t want [...]

Irish Cream Brownies

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Irish cream brownies are ultra dense and fudgy with a Baileys spiked ganache. Can be made gluten-free. As much as I like St. Patrick’s Day, I’m not really into dying my food green. I also think mint is a weird flavor to be associated with that holiday. Mint is totally a Christmas thing for me. So when it’s time for a St. P [...]

Freedom Fridays with All My Bloggy Fr...

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The Best Valentine Wreck Of 2016

The Best Valentine Wreck Of 2016
Your Valentine photos are still trickling in this week, minions, but I’m calling it: This is the best one. Forget the chocolates and stuffed animals, John; next year, I’ll have whatever this baker is having. “Endless Love As Time Ticks” It’s almost like poetry, if poetry was a drunk jellyfish rolling around the [...]

30+ Slow Cooker Recipes

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30+ Slow Cooker Recipes from your favorite bloggers! We’ve got everything from main dishes to desserts!