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Elegant Cakes – 2016 – October - Page 2
Life Should Be Cake

Monthly archives for October, 2016

Skeleton Pinata Cake

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The Far Side of Cake, Vol. 12

The Far Side of Cake, Vol. 12
As the bees closed in, Pooh and Tigger realized they’d made a horrible mistake. ***   “‘Put a few leaves on it,’ she said. ‘It looks too plain,’ she said. ‘You’ve got to learn to fill the space,’ she said! Well FINE.” ***   Maurice was famous for being the only butterfly [...]

Classic Apple Crisp

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This apple crisp is filled to the brim with amazing apple flavor and topped with the perfect oat crumble. The best apple crisp I’ve ever had! I’m currently sitting at my kitchen table, gazing out the window at our wooded hillside and I’m thrilled to report that I can see every different shade of green, yellow, orange and re [...]

Celebrate Everything!

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I have a fun new book that I’m excited to tell you about today. It’s called Celebrate Everything! Fun Ideas to Bring Your Parties to Life by my sweet friend Darcy Miller. Darcy… if you don’t know her … is the smart, talented, creative force and Editor behind the Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. She loves celebrating life’s special moments in [...]

Easy Meal Plan Sunday {Week 70}

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It’s that time of week Easy Meal Plan Sunday {Week 70} – sharing six meals, two desserts and a breakfast recipe. Your week just got a whole lot tastier.

Sunday Sweets: 10 Halloween Cuties

Sunday Sweets: 10 Halloween Cuties
Halloween is coming, minions, but not to worry; today we’re all about Sweets, not scares. Let’s set the stage with some cheerful Jack-O-Lanterns:   A baby bat or two:   …and an oh-so adorable witch:   Which reminds me: you’re gonna need a fabulous outfit, of course:   Plus some boo-tiful accesso [...]

The Weekend Dish: 10/22/2016

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Happy weekend to you! All of a sudden, we’ve been totally thrust into fall weather… it poured here for nearly two days straight and we have a high in the FORTIES today. That’s sheer insanity, but I will most definitely take it. I’m ready for cozy sweatshirts and big blankets! What do you have going on this weekend? Tel [...]

Pumpkin Spice Marshmallow Dip

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Pumpkin Spice Marshmallow Dip is a sweet and fun addition to your holiday table. Grab gingersnaps, graham crackers, or your favorite cookie and dip away! This is a sponsored post on behalf of Campfire® Marshmallows. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that continue to make My Baking Addiction possible. Are you a dip [...]

Monster Popcorn Balls

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You Say Potato, I Say Potato, Your Ba...

You Say Potato, I Say Potato, Your Baker Draws a Llama
This was supposed to read, “You’ll Never Walk Alone“ So now it’s less a promise and more… a threat?   The team is named The Bees, so they asked for a bee near first base: Which is worse: the fact that they wrote out the instructions, or that “bee” near first base? ‘Cuz I’m leaning [...]

Paleo Vegan Maple Cream Frosting

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This paleo vegan maple cream frosting is cashew-based, maple-sweetened and super creamy! The perfect frosting for pumpkin cake and other fall treats. After making the vegan vanilla sauce I posted last month, I knew I had to turn it into a frosting. It was too delicious to just use as a sauce! It was an easy recipe to adapt. Add more cashews a [...]

Cucumber Gin Fizz

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This Cucumber Gin Fizz is a delightful, herbaceous cocktail worthy of your Friday night. It’ll kick off the dinner pre-game in just the right way. You may not even move past the bar nuts and cheese or crackers, but who needs to? This post is sponsored by Adobe. All views and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for continuing to support [...]

BEB Favorites: October 2016

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Happy Thursday to you! I’m back with another installment of my favorites. It’s been a few months since I posted my inaugural favorites post, and I’ve found some great new things in the meantime, so here we are! I separated this list out into three different categories – food, home & beauty, and baby/toddler. There [...]

This Wedding Cake Is So Bad It's...

This Wedding Cake Is So Bad It's Freaking Adorable
[running in] YOU GUYS. I just found my new favorite wedding wreck.   It’s… LOOKING… at me. And once you see the face, that’s all you’ll see. The little puffball bowtie! The grumpy frown! The parade of heart butts on the bottom! It’s… [wiping eyes]… It’s just so beautiful. Now I w [...]

Classic Calzones

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Simple, classic calzones made from an easy pizza dough and with an unlimited assortment of filling possibilities! What do you do when you’re umpteen months pregnant and are seriously craving pizza, but sauce is giving you heartburn and you’re staying away from things like pepperoni and sausage? You could get a white pizza, but si [...]

Pumpkin Biscuits

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There once was a wedding confection That failed the bride’s final inspection So we grabbed an airbrush Painted it in a rush And told Yanks it was for their election!     I’m finding it rather outrageous That I have to spend some of my wages On a cake for my Dad Of a girl, partly clad Is it me, or does she look conta [...]

Sarcasm "Awareness" Month

Sarcasm "Awareness" Month
Over the years, I’ve noticed some of you don’t “get” sarcasm. Which I totally understand! I mean, sarcasm is super hard. Really. So. Let me help. Because I care. I really, really care. Okay, let’s say your company didn’t meet a deadline, and they’re going out of business. You might buy your team a ca [...]