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Elegant Cakes – 2017 – November - Page 2
Life Should Be Cake

Monthly archives for November, 2017

Easy Chicken Chili

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Easy Chicken Chili is so simple! Rotisserie chicken, tomatoes, corn, and beans are simmered with your favorite chili spices for a total win at dinner time. This post is sponsored by Red Gold Tomatoes. Thank you for continuing to support the brands that make My Baking Addiction Possible. You guys, we’re in full on holiday mode over here [...]

Pecan Pie Cheesecake Recipe

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Say hello to pecan pie CHEESECAKE! Graham cracker crust, a layer of pecan pie filling, classic cheesecake, and a pecan praline sauce on top. This is an easy cheesecake recipe (thanks to using one of the new The Cheesecake Factory At Home cheesecake mixes!) and perfect for Thanksgiving! We are closing in on Thanksgiving week and I am crazy thr [...]


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For many wreckerators, no cake is more of a tongue-out, slightly-hunched-and-grunting impossibility than an animal cake. It’s not for lack of trying, mind you. (“Squished Shih Tzu” is actually a bakery standard these days.) For all their trying and failing, though, there are times when the results are actually kind of [...]

Share November Holiday Moments with S...

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This post is sponsored by Starbucks. Thank you for continuing to support the brands that make My Baking Addiction possible. I am so excited to be teaming up with Starbucks to help spread the word about the Starbucks® Share the Cheer Sweepstakes. If you’re unfamiliar with the sweepstakes, allow me to fill you in! By participating in the Sta [...]

Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin Pancakes
Pumpkin Pancakes are loaded with delicious fall flavor. They’re the perfect warm and cozy start to any chilly morning. Last week I received an email from a gal named Sarah (hey, Sarah, hey!) about my Pumpkin Crunch Cake. She wrote to tell me how much she enjoyed the recipe and that she’d be making it along with a pumpkin roll for Thanksgivin [...]

Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Chocolate C...

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This is what happens when I buy too many bags of Reese’s peanut butter cups to hand out for Halloween. So instead of stuffing my face with those leftover little cups of peanut butter comfort, I’m stuffing them into these jumbo chocolatey chocolate chip cookies to share with friends. Oh my! oh my! Look at these beauties. Cookie dough ingredien [...]

White Chocolate Lemon Truffles

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These creamy White Chocolate Lemon Truffles will become a new holiday favorite! Perfect for gift giving or including on a cookie tray.

Turkey Tetrazzini

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This classic turkey tetrazzini recipe is creamy, cheesy, and full of noodles – a perfect way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers! The countdown to Thanksgiving is officially on! I cannot believe that it’s only a week from Thursday… it totally snuck up on me this year! I’m totally ready for my kitchen to be a hot mess of p [...]

How to Make Cranberry Sauce

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Wondering how to make cranberry sauce? It couldn’t be any easier! You just need cranberries, orange juice and zest and a sweetener. Can easily be made vegan and paleo! For a how-to recipe video, scroll to the bottom of the post. I already have a recipe for cranberry orange sauce that’s honey-sweetened but I wanted to share a vegan [...]

The Wreckers Who Don't Bake Pira...

The Wreckers Who Don't Bake Pirate Things
♫  Arr arr ARR!! We are the wreckers  who don’t bake pirate things! Any ship we make   Looks run-aground!   And if you ask us To bake pirate things…  We’ll just tell you… We can’t bake pirate things. Wellllllll weeeee’ve …  [...]

Cheesy Creamed Corn Casserole

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This Cheesy Creamed Corn Casserole is super easy, mixes together in 5 minutes, and is the perfect side dish for all of your holiday dinners. I’m not afraid to admit that I absolutely, unapologetically, and with every single ounce of my being, adore casseroles… the creamy, cheesy baked dishes often get a bad rap in the foodie world [...]

Chocolate Honey Pecan Pie

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The Weekend Dish: 11/11/2017

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Happy Saturday! It got seriously brrrrrrrrr cold where we live yesterday, and we even saw some snow flurries! Joseph immediately asked to go in his sled, so we had to break the news that there needed to be a few inches of snow on the ground first. Can’t wait to take the boys out to play in the snow! How is your weekend shaping up? My hu [...]

Marshmallow Pumpkin Pie

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Marshmallow Pumpkin Pie is an unexpected twist on a classic fall dessert. The gingersnap crust and light texture is sure to make this pie one of your new favorites. This recipe is sponsored by Campfire® Marshmallows. Thank you for continuing to support the brands that make My Baking Addiction possible. Let’s talk about ice skating for [...]

Nightmare On Elmo Street

Nightmare On Elmo Street

Pumpkin Spice Butter Caramels

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The Baby Cake Gets Cut Down To Size

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You know how sometimes you see a baby cake that’s not too horrendously awful, and your first reaction is something like,“Aw, just lookit that face! Who’s a cute widdle boopsie woopsie baby? Is it you? Yes, it’s you!!” (Actually, sorry, that’s John talking to our cats. My bad.) Anyway, my point is tha [...]

Caramel Apple Magic Bars

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These caramel apple magic bars combine all of the fabulous flavors of the season with layers of cinnamon-graham crust, chocolate chips, caramels, chopped apple, and walnuts, all drenched in fabulous sweetened condensed milk. This recipe is sponsored by Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk. Mmmmm caramel apple… one of my all-time favori [...]