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Dawg Treats!

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The College Football Playoff National Championship is Monday night right here in Atlanta and the Georgia Bulldogs are playing!!! YAY! Go Dawgs! It’s been like 37 years since Georgia has claimed a National Championship title, so needless to say, folks around here are pretty freaking excited about the game. Atlanta businesses are even shutting [...]

Fruit and Yogurt Breakfast Parfait

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Your family will love waking up to this Fruit and Yogurt Breakfast Parfait recipe. Yogurt is topped with fruit and granola for an easy breakfast idea.

Lemon Energy Bites Recipe

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These lemon energy bites are easy to put together, full of lemon taste and vegan and gluten-free. This post has been sponsored by Wholesome. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! I had these great plans to post a ton of cookie recipes in December but after baby Björn was born so late and my parents came [...]

The Weekend Dish: 1/6/2018

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Happy first Saturday of the new year! I hope you had a super fabulous holiday season; I’ve been slowly getting back into a routine this week, but it’s always so, so hard after holidays or a vacation. One foot in front of the other! If you’ve gotten hammered with snow or cold weather, I hope you’re staying safe and warm [...]

Moscow Mule Soft Caramels

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Like A Bridge Over Troubled Icing

Like A Bridge Over Troubled Icing
[A group of Wreckerators, some in frosting-smeared aprons, walk on stage and begin to sing...]   When they’re leery Feeling small… When tears are in… … their eyes, Why not buy them all? All on one side… Ohhhhh ’cause spa- cing’s tou- ou- ough… [joining hands] When friends j [...]

2018: My Resolutions

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I’ve never been much of a January “resolution” maker. Turning the calendar never really gave me the urge to do some massive overhaul on my life. However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that if I don’t actually think about, write down and acknowledge goals I’d like to accomplish, then the likelihood of me meeting them is slim to none. One of [...]

2017 Year in Review: A Month-by-Month...

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I can’t believe we’re already sitting here on January 3rd, having closed the book on 2017 and are a few steps into a fresh, new year. Last year was the first time that I did one of these “year in review” posts and I LOVED it (see last year’s here)! I got so much enjoyment out of writing that post – I was re [...]

Resolution Time

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Each January, millions of people around the world use the dawning of a new year as a reason to stop eating HoHos. And each January, millions of people fail miserably. [shaking fist] (I wish I knew how to quit you, HoHos!) But not this year… This year, I resolve to:   Eat more fruits and vegetables.   This counts, right? &nb [...]

The Cake Wrecks Hangover Cure

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  [lowering lights]   [tiptoeing closer] [whispering] Good morning, sunshine! Happy New Year. How’s your head? Oooh, that bad, huh? Well, I know you partied pretty hard this weekend, so we’re gonna take today’s post nice and slow and easy. Like a peaceful, breezy feeling. A sweet, cool, stomach-calming…. [...]

Hoisin Beef Noodle Stir Fry

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This is a sponsored post for JSL Foods. All opinions are honest and 100% my own. #Fortune #ChefYaki Dinner is delicious AND easy when this Hoisin Beef Noodle Stir Fry recipe is on the menu! Use your favorite veggies for a meal the entire family will love.

Hoisin Beef Noodle Str Fry

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This is a sponsored post for JSL Foods. All opinions are honest and 100% my own. #Fortune #ChefYaki Dinner is delicious AND easy when this Hoisin Beef Noodle Stir Fry recipe is on the menu! Use your favorite veggies for a meal the entire family will love.

Sunday Sweets: New Year's Delusi...

Sunday Sweets: New Year's Delusions
As we recover from our holiday revelry and look forward to 2018, it’s time for that most dreaded of traditions: making our new year’s resolutions. Of course we all know what the first one will be, so let’s get that out of the way first: We will eat nothing but healthy fruits and vegetables for, like, at least a month.   [...]

Champagne Gelées

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The Weekend Dish: 12/30/2017

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Hello last Saturday of 2017 (oh my)! I have no idea how we tumbled to this point so quickly, but here we are! Do you have any New Year’s traditions? When I was younger, my parents had a big party every year, and as I got older, my friends came as well. Right now we’re thoroughly enjoying our tradition of a very low-key night at ho [...]

Bottoms Up!

Bottoms Up!
New Year’s Eve isn’t until Sunday, but it looks like a few bakers have started celebrating early, if you know what I mean. Yep. Definitely a whole lotta “celebrating” going on. Yessirree, some serious merry-making. I’m talking some exuberant saucy-sloshed tipsy-toppy revelry, people. [winkwinknudgenudge] [nod [...]

The Best of BEB in 2017: 20 of My Fav...

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My all-time FAVORITE RECIPES of 2017! Easy recipes, sweet, savory, and delicious! Yesterday, I shared my annual roundup of the 10 most popular recipes on Brown Eyed Baker that were made during 2017. While many of those on that list were my favorites, there were also a ton of recipes that I fell in love with this year that didn’t make the cut [...]

7 Seriously Ugly Wedding Wrecks To Ma...

7 Seriously Ugly Wedding Wrecks To Make Your Day Better
Wow, you guys really like your wedding wrecks, don’t you? And by “your” wedding wrecks, I of course mean someone ELSE’S wedding wrecks. Because you are terrible, terrible people. We must be related.   Now, remember, a wedding cake is the most important cake in a person’s blah-de-blah-look at this wreck: On [...]