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Life Should Be Cake

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Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits

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Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits are a summer must-make dessert! No baking and they come together quickly!

Golden Chai Layer Cake

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Because Everything's Better With...

Because Everything's Better With The Muppets
It’s time to bake the music,   It’s time to write the slights!   It’s time to make some carnage, At the bakery tonight! [bahdum dum dum] It’s time to put on makeup,   It’s time to dress up right,   It’s time that we departed,   It’s not for the fainthearted,   [...]

Low Carb Cheesecake

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Low Carb Cheesecake has all the delicious flavor and creamy texture of traditional cheesecake without the added sugar. Serve it up for Mother’s Day, or as a special treat for anyone watching their sugar intake. This post is sponsored by Fisher Nuts. Thank you for continuing to support the brands that make My Baking Addiction possible. [...]

Pavlova Layer Cake with Whipped Cream...

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This pavlova cake features three layers of pavlova filled and topped with fresh whipped cream and berries. A lovely and light summer dessert! Have you ever had pavlova? It’s a meringue dessert that hails from Australia or New Zealand (depending on who you ask), and it is utterly fabulous. Also, it is ridiculously easy to make! My sister [...]

Wedding Missed Marks, Vol #348

Wedding Missed Marks, Vol #348
I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of “naked” cakes – ie, the ones with no frosting on the outside. I mean, first, NO FROSTING, and second, this is literally the best they can possibly look: Which on the one hand is fine, but on the other, looks like the baker ran out of time, panicked, then pulled an Emperor Wi [...]

The Sinking of De Mayo

The Sinking of De Mayo
One Week Ago: “Ok, gang, Cinco de Mayo is coming up and we need cake ideas. Jerry?” Jerry: “Uh… clowns?” “I like it. Priscilla? “Heads on platters?” “Priscilla, according to Wikipedia this is a holiday that ‘celebrates Mexican-American heritage.’ C’mon.” “Br [...]

Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes

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Summer is just around the corner and that means it’s time for ice cold lemonade! These Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes are just what you need for your grown-up lemonade stand! I am so happy to be back on My Baking Addiction to bring you this delicious recipe. I’m Lizzy from Your Cup of Cake and I’m always in the kitchen baking [...]


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It’s Sunday so that means it is time to make your week a whole lot tastier with Easy Meal Plan Sunday {Week 97}. Six meals, two desserts and a breakfast recipe, time to get your meal plan game on.

Sunday Sweets: Kawaii Cakes

Sunday Sweets: Kawaii Cakes
“Kawaii” is the Japanese word for “cute” – used as both an adjective and a noun – but it’s much more than that. It’s a style, a culture, a land of lollipop dreams and squishy pastel hugs and everything sweet and squee-worthy. Like this! Cuteness overload! I love the upside-down ice cream cone ( [...]

The Weekend Dish: 5/6/2017

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Hello hello! Happy MAY! How in the heck did that happen?! Time just keeps flying on by! What are you up to this weekend? I did 4 (FOUR!) loads of laundry yesterday, made a failed batch of cinnamon rolls (wahhhh), baked chocolate cupcakes and a crumb cake… so my plans for today include frosting the cupcakes, mayyyyyybe re-trying the cinn [...]

Now THESE Are Cakes You Send To Inter...

Now THESE Are Cakes You Send To Internet Trolls
A lot of folks are sending me this story of a baker turning mean internet comments into “tasty troll cakes.” In a nutshell, you pay her to write someone’s mean comment on a cake, and then send that person the cake. That’s right, you punish an internet troll… by sending them free baked goods. Anyone else see the [...]


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Yay… It’s Friday and I’m super excited to share these french fry sugar cookie cartons with you guys. I bought a bunch of random 3D printed cookie cutters and have been eager to try out this one (the 3 inch tall size) for a while now. A fave by the way. Also, can I just say, custom cutters are one of the neatest practical uses I’ve seen people [...]

Who's In Trouble? It's Gonn...

Who's In Trouble? It's Gonna Be MAY
There’s a very important phrase you need to know today, minions. No, that’s not quite right.   Still not there.   This… doesn’t even make sense.   [silently banging head on keyboard] (Nay, I say. NEIGH!)   C’mon, what’s the one phrase every Star Wars fan needs to know on May the 4th? [...]

Homemade Taco Seasoning

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This easy homemade taco seasoning mix can be made in just five minutes. Keep it in the pantry for quick taco nights! When  I was a kid, McDonald’s never fazed me. I could take or leave a Happy Meal, no big deal. What I really craved was tacos. Point me in the direction of a Taco Bell and I was the happiest of campers. Looking back on i [...]

Caramel Tres Leches Cake

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The BEST Caramel Tres Leches Cake! Dulce de leche is whisked into the three-milk mixture and then swirled into the whipped cream on top. Friday is May 5th… Cinco de Mayo! I love the excuse to eat lots of chips and salsa, tacos, and splurge on tres leches cake. If you’ve never had it, you MUST make it! The first version I made was [...]

Zesty Lime Slice Cookies

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Chocolate Cherry Smoothie (vegan opti...

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Chocolate cherry smoothie made with yogurt, banana, cocoa powder and tart frozen cherries! Vegan and dairy-free option and naturally gluten-free. Thanks to Born Sweet Zing™ Organic Stevia Sweetener – Zero Calories for making today’s post possible! I’ve been obsessed with all things tart cherry for a while. I eat dried tart cherrie [...]