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Elegant Cakes - Life Should Be Cake - Page 2
Life Should Be Cake

What Can I Say, Except, "You...

What Can I Say, Except, "You're Welcome"?
Be honest, minions: am I taking this Moana obsession too far? The constant singing, the aggressive YOU’RE WELCOME-ing, the unrequited mooning over a cross-eyed rooster? No? OH GOOD. Then check this out: Brandy ordered this Moana cake for her 9-year old, and I think we can all agree it was a wise move. Not only because MOANA, but becaus [...]

Orange Shortbread Cookies

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Orange shortbread cookies couldn’t be easier or more delicious. Pair them with a mug of tea and your afternoon is complete! This is a sponsored post on behalf of Twinings. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that continue to make My Baking Addiction possible. Being that I am a food blogger, I sometimes get caugh [...]

Cook’s Illustrated Perfect Chocolate ...

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Cook’s Illustrated Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies are large, bakery-style cookies made with browned butter and dark brown sugar for a toffee-like flavor and soft texture. Can we talk chocolate chip cookies today? I feel like I have been to the moon and back when it comes to how many chocolate chip cookie recipes I’ve tried over th [...]

Spring Twirl Dome Cake

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It’s the first day of Spring, minions, so forget the forecast, throw on some flip-flops, and break out the finger flowers! AW YEAH FINGER FLOWERS. (At least it beats a knuckle sandwich? Yes? No? Shall I show myself out?)   Yep, there’s nothing like Spring flowers, with all their bountiful riots of color:   …and [...]

No-bake Paleo Lemon Bars

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Paleo lemon bars with a super creamy, cashew-based vegan and no-bake topping! Full of lemon flavor and maple-sweetened. I’m back! The past three weeks have been really tough and baking was the last thing on my mind. I hope to make up for my lack of posting with these seriously delicious bars. Click here to share the video on Facebo [...]

Slow Cooker Chipotle BBQ Meatballs

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These Slow Cooker Chipotle BBQ Meatballs make an easy, 5-ingredient appetizer or dinner idea! A bag of frozen meatballs gets kicked up a notch (or three!) with the addition of cherry preserves, bottled barbecue sauce, and chipotle peppers.

Sunday Sweets: Beauty And The Best Ca...

Sunday Sweets: Beauty And The Best Cakes
It’s opening weekend for the new live-action Beauty and the Beast movie, so guess what I’ve got for you today! That’s right, cakes from the animated version! Woot woot!   Don’t get me wrong, peeps, Emma Watson is amazing. Nothin’ but love there. However, CGI furniture-people just can’t compete with t [...]


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It’s Sunday so that means it is time to make your week a whole lot tastier with Easy Meal Plan Sunday {Week 90}.Six meals, two desserts and a breakfast recipe, time to get your meal plan game on.

Brunch Pizza

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The Eggland’s Best information, coupons, gift card, and additional gift pack have been provided by Eggland’s Best. Your weekend brunch just got a whole lot tastier with this Brunch Pizza! See why it’s a family favorite!

The Weekend Dish: 3/18/2017

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Hello hello! Did you have a fantastic week? If you got a massive amount of snow where you live, I hope you’re all shoveled out and weren’t inconvenienced too much. We didn’t get much of anything hear, but it has snowed a little bit off and on all week. Tell me about your St. Patrick’s Day eats! Did you make anything sp [...]


Today we come together as a nation to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the most thoughtful, respectful manner possible… …while insinuating Irish people are a bunch of drunk leprechauns.   As a person of Irish heritage myself, I’m actually more disturbed by whatever’s happening here: Whatever it is, it is WAY [...]

On The Plus Side, It's Never Too...

On The Plus Side, It's Never Too Soon To Introduce Your Five-Year-Old To Power Point
If you’ve been hanging around this blog for a while, then you probably remember the infamous Flash Drive wreck. That’s the one where someone brought in a photo on a flash drive, but instead of using the photo, the bakery recreated the flash drive itself on the cake. It’s one of the most epic Cake Wrecks of all time, and tau [...]

Baked Lemon Lime Pudding

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Shamrock Shake Recipe

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This shamrock shake recipe is a homemade spin on the famous St. Patrick’s Day-inspired minty green milkshake from McDonald’s. The month of March has become synonymous with Shamrock Shakes at McDonald’s – minty, green and wonderfully thick, they definitely lure more than a few people into the drive-thru for a quick sham [...]

With Apologies To Julie Andrews

With Apologies To Julie Andrews
♫ Bulbous-nosed witches who probably eat kittens Messages piped out that should be rewritten   Cakes decorated with smeared silly string Bakers make some of the wreckiest things!   Is that a tongue sticking out of that poodle?  Were they attempting to make ersatz noodles? “Congradulatio [...]

Momofuku Birthday Cake

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The famous Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Layer Cake – Layers of funfetti cake loaded with sprinkles, vanilla frosting, and birthday cake crumbs! Well over a month ago (February 11th, to be exact), Brown Eyed Baker turned 10 years old young. I wanted to share a crazy awesome amazing cake to celebrate the milestone, but I took forever to dec [...]

Layered Irish Cream Pretzel Pie

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