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Elegant Cakes - Life Should Be Cake - Page 2
Life Should Be Cake

Chocolate Cherry Sandwich Cookies

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Chocolate Cherry Sandwich Cookies are a stunning way to show your love this Valentine’s Day. Grown-ups and kids alike will love these sweet sandwich cookies. I’m partnering with Crisco as part of the Crisco Creators. This post is compensated as part of that partnership. All opinions are my own. Thank you for continuing to support the co [...]

Sunday Sweets Hearts Valentines Day

Sunday Sweets Hearts Valentines Day
This post is going to be a little mushy, you guys: I mean, it’s made out of CAKE. [bah dum CHA!] [What that was genius.] Ahem.   Yes, Valentines day is coming, and that means lots of heart-to-hearts:   And cuddly teddy bears:   …and roses! Can’t forget the roses: That little heart dangle is everything. &n [...]

Easy Meal Plan Sunday {Week 85}

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It’s Sunday so that means it is time to make your week a whole lot tastier with Easy Meal Plan Sunday {Week 85}.Six meals, two desserts and a breakfast recipe, time to get your meal plan game on.

The Weekend Dish: 2/11/2017

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Happy Saturday! Do you know what today is?! Today is Brown Eyed Baker’s TENTH birthday. Whoa! Where on earth did the time go? Ten years ago today, I clumsily typed up and published a recipe for Italian wedding soup (the pictures look much better now!) and the rest, as they say, is history. It truly seems like a lifetime ago, and I’ [...]

Mixtape Cookies for The Etsy Blog!

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Friday Favs 2/10/17

Friday Favs 2/10/17
A few of my favorite submissions this week:   When you aim for a platitude, but end up at every cat-owner’s reality: AIN’T IT THE TRUTH.   Then there’s this gem: I have nothing to add; that just cracked me up. (WHAT.)   Let’s see if you can guess this party’s theme: (Oh how I wish those Ts were [...]

Paleo Chocolate Strawberry Cake

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This paleo chocolate strawberry cake has a great texture, chocolate fudge frosting and strawberry filling. With whole wheat and all-purpose flour options! Today’s recipe is basically a combination of three of my recipes, scaled down for a two-layer 6″ cake. Some might consider this a chocolate cake for two (and I could certainly e [...]

Triple Chocolate Devil's Food Cu...

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Our Weirdest Celebrity Mashups Yet

Our Weirdest Celebrity Mashups Yet
(Yes, we’re quite proud.)   + = *****   + = *****   + =   Thanks to Brooke A., Michelle L., & Millers for keepin’ it surreal. ***** Thank you for using our Amazon links to shop! USA, UK, Canada.

Slow Cooker Taco Soup

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Slow Cooker Taco Soup uses up all your fresh and frozen veggies for a hearty, cozy dinner. Making it couldn’t be easier! This is a sponsored post on behalf of Glad® Food Protection. Thank you for continuing to support the brands that make My Baking Addiction possible. The other night, we made some really spectacular tacos. I was trying [...]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecak...

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The best cheesecake recipe loaded with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and mini chocolate chips – a cookie dough lover’s dream! Cheesecake! My all-time, numero uno, will-choose-above-any-other-dessert, favorite indulgence. If I can combine cheesecake with chocolate in any form, even better! It’s been too long since I&# [...]

Visual Birth Control

Visual Birth Control
I think I finally figured it out, you guys: BAKERS WANT US TO STOP HAVING BABIES. How else do you explain the continuing popularity of chopped up baby halves, despite my many and well-reasoned protests? (This is from a shop display window. Just once I want to see that ridiculous little drapey bit propped up with a spinal cord sticking ou [...]

Mini Chocolate Pecan Cheesecakes

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Mini Chocolate Pecan Cheesecakes will cure any nutty chocolate craving you’ve got going on. They’re perfect for your next dinner party, too. This is a sponsored post on behalf of Karo® Syrup as a Bake a Little Extra Blog Ambassador. Thank you for continuing to support the brands that make My Baking Addiction possible. Oh man. You [...]

Red Velvet Poke Cake

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Red velvet cake is infused with sweetened condensed milk and topped with the best cream cheese frosting. A must for Valentine’s Day! Poke cakes have been around for a long, long time. I remember getting recipes for different versions through email “recipe exchanges” back in the early 2000’s. That’s when they popp [...]

This Is Why We Have Photoshop

This Is Why We Have Photoshop
                  Thanks to Lyndsay S., Heather M., LL, Gary B., & Heather for the photo finish. ***** Thank you for using our Amazon links to shop! USA, UK, Canada.

Top 10 List: Best Cupcake Recipes

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[We continue to update the “Top 10” series of posts with cupcakes!] Cupcakes have taken on a life of their own over the last ten years or so. Chic little shops have popped up everywhere, there are numerous TV shows based on the handheld confections, and the flavor combinations seem endless. Aside from two cupcake shops (Baked & [...]

I Got A Super Bowl Fever, And The Onl...

I Got A Super Bowl Fever, And The Only Prescription Is MORE CAKE
Don’t cry because it’s over, minions: Be HAPPY because it’s over.   By “it” I of course mean that ludicrous display last night, wherein the team with the leaping cat logo: (Aw, he’s wearing lil’ red boxer shorts!) …played some other team whose logo isn’t wrecked nearly as often. &n [...]

Raspberry White Chocolate Truffles

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Three-ingredient naturally-colored raspberry white chocolate truffles with a little extra flavor from some coconut butter! For the white chocolate lovers out there, I think we can all agree that raspberries + white chocolate is a seriously delicious combination. But for something different, I threw some coconut flavor into the mix! I used coc [...]