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Elegant Cakes - Life Should Be Cake - Page 3
Life Should Be Cake

Who's In Trouble? It's Gonn...

Who's In Trouble? It's Gonna Be MAY
There’s a very important phrase you need to know today, minions. No, that’s not quite right.   Still not there.   This… doesn’t even make sense.   [silently banging head on keyboard] (Nay, I say. NEIGH!)   C’mon, what’s the one phrase every Star Wars fan needs to know on May the 4th? [...]

Homemade Taco Seasoning

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This easy homemade taco seasoning mix can be made in just five minutes. Keep it in the pantry for quick taco nights! When  I was a kid, McDonald’s never fazed me. I could take or leave a Happy Meal, no big deal. What I really craved was tacos. Point me in the direction of a Taco Bell and I was the happiest of campers. Looking back on i [...]

Caramel Tres Leches Cake

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The BEST Caramel Tres Leches Cake! Dulce de leche is whisked into the three-milk mixture and then swirled into the whipped cream on top. Friday is May 5th… Cinco de Mayo! I love the excuse to eat lots of chips and salsa, tacos, and splurge on tres leches cake. If you’ve never had it, you MUST make it! The first version I made was [...]

Zesty Lime Slice Cookies

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Chocolate Cherry Smoothie (vegan opti...

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Chocolate cherry smoothie made with yogurt, banana, cocoa powder and tart frozen cherries! Vegan and dairy-free option and naturally gluten-free. Thanks to Born Sweet Zing™ Organic Stevia Sweetener – Zero Calories for making today’s post possible! I’ve been obsessed with all things tart cherry for a while. I eat dried tart cherrie [...]

Blueberry Walnut Muffins

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Blueberry Walnut Muffins rise high and mighty, making them a site to behold. This is the perfect recipe to serve for Mother’s Day breakfast or brunch! This is a sponsored post on behalf of Fleischmann’s® Yeast. Thank you for continuing to support the brands that make My Baking Addiction possible. Have you ever had a yeasted muffin? I ha [...]

Flows Like The Wrinkly, Tied-Together...

Flows Like The Wrinkly, Tied-Together Bed Sheets Of A Tower Escapee
Bride-to-be Melissa spent a total of 8 hours before her wedding consulting with her baker, literally painting a picture of her dream garden cake with its cascading sugar waterfalls: Melissa supplied all the miniature accessories: benches, bird baths, etc – so the baker only had to make the garden and waterfall parts on the multi-tiered [...]

Tina Fey Would Have WORDS About This

Tina Fey Would Have WORDS About This
You ever stumble across a reeealllly old website – I’m talking pre-2008 here – where it’s got the auto-play music, ten different fonts, plus flashing geocities-style graphics of crying kittens and glitter trails behind your cursor? Well minions, I’ve found some cakey equivalents, and they. are. GLORIOUS. The onl [...]

Sunday Sweets Flutters On By

Sunday Sweets Flutters On By
I’m not going to make a single Butterfly Kisses reference today, cake fans. That’s my gift to you. Well, in addition to all this rainbow butterfly goodness: Mmm, rainbow goodness. I love they they’re all different sizes and styles.   Vintage illustration style pretties:   And one giant pretty:   Here’ [...]


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It’s Sunday so that means it is time to make your week a whole lot tastier with Easy Meal Plan Sunday {Week 96}. Six meals, two desserts and a breakfast recipe, time to get your meal plan game on.

Weekend Project – Front Porch U...

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EASY weekend project – It’s simple to add a colorful update to a drab front porch!

The Weekend Dish: 4/29/2017

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Happy weekend! I hope that the week treated you well and that you’re on your way to enjoying a wonderful weekend. We have a usual weekend planned here! My sister’s birthday is tomorrow so she got to pick out dessert, and she sent me a Facebook video (not in English) of what looks to be a layered pavlova cake with fresh fruit. I ca [...]


BIRTHDAYS, am I right? They’re just so… predictable. Every year like clockwork, the same old parties, the same cracks about getting old, the same legal notices advising you the restraining orders issued by your favorite boy band are still in effect… Bah. So I say, if you can’t beat ‘em, make them worse for everyo [...]

Paleo Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp (vegan...

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Vegan and paleo strawberry rhubarb crisp that’s maple-sweetened, nut-free and also AIP-friendly. Can also be made with other types of fruit! So this recipe is a bit different than my usual paleo almond + coconut flour based treats! I have a paleo vegan apple crisp that uses that combination, in case you’d like to use that topping [...]

I Just Realized How Phallic "Sag...

I Just Realized How Phallic "Saggy Clown Volcano" Is… And I'm OK With That
Ever see a cake so deliberately confusing that you’re sure you’re missing something obvious? I mean, look at this thing: Someone went through a massive amount of effort – different colors, squiggle techniques, flotsam arrangement – all to make a senseless, saggy clown volcano. Why? What does it mean?   Or how [...]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

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These chocolate chip cookie dough brownies start with my favorite basic brownie recipe, and are topped with an egg-free cookie dough. I posted a version of this recipe nearly six years ago, and while the concept (brownies + cookie dough!) is amazing, many of the reviewers thought that the recipe was a bit lacking, both in flavor and texture. [...]

Tiramisu Cupcakes

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Cake Talk

Cake Talk
Sometimes cakes can tell their own story.   Oooh. Now that’s cold.   Thanks to Ally H., Jessica P., Wendy R., Megan M., Sierra Z., & Tori B. for the reminder to always be nice to mom. ALWAYS. ***** Thank you for using our Amazon links to shop! USA, UK, Canada.