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Elegant Cakes – Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars (gluten-free, whole grain)
Life Should Be Cake

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars (gluten-free, whole grain)

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These caramel apple cheesecake bars feature an oatmeal cookie-like crust / topping with a simple caramel glaze! They’re oat-based making them gluten-free and 100% whole grain.

Before we talk about these cheesecake bars, I wanted to share some information about a program that involves the ingredient I’ve been featuring all month long – apples! I’m working with the U.S. Apple Association today to tell you about their fundraising initiative, Apples for Education. Its aim is to provide financial support to important student causes nationwide. Basically, by sharing a picture of an apple, an apple product, or a product from participating brands (see below for more details) you can help raise money for a student cause of your choice.

I love this campaign not only because it raises funds for student causes and classroom projects but because it gets people eating more apples! I think we can all agree that most of us eat far too much processed junk food. For me, apples have always been the perfect healthy on-the-go snack. Studies have shown that eating apples keeps you fuller longer, which keeps you fit, and can even reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and asthma. Think about that the next time you grab a bag of potato chips. ;)

Here’s how you can participate! Now through November 15th, all you need to do is:

  1. Grab an apple, apple juice, apple sauce and / or products made by Marzetti, KIND, Roth Cheese or Johnsonville Sausage.
  2. Take a picture enjoying it – selfies preferred, not required. Just to clarify, pictures of apple baked goods count!
  3. Find a school cause here. Click “Vote Now!” and upload your picture using the online form OR post to Instagram with the project’s name and the hashtag #Apples4Ed. You can see an example I just posted on Instagram here!

You can vote as often as you’d like and each picture you upload counts as a vote. When you vote, you automatically enter for a chance to win one of eight weekly $100 Visa gift cards!

Now for the apple cheesecake bars! They were a HUGE hit. The crust and topping is made of an oat flour and oat-based crust that’s almost like a cross between an oatmeal cookie and streusel. Top it with a layer of cheesecake, some cinnamon apples, and the other half of the streusel mixture. The result? Totally magical.

I wanted the bars to be somewhat portable so I topped them off with a caramel glaze rather than caramel sauce. You can see what the glaze looks like once refrigerated and slightly hardened in the middle picture. It doesn’t get totally hard but firm enough to make things a little less messy during transportation. Though if you’re anything like me and get a moment alone with these cheesecake bars, there won’t be all that much left to share. ;)

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars (gluten-free, 100% whole grain)

Thanks to the U.S. Apple Association for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions expressed are my own. The U.S. Apple Association (USApples) is the national trade association representing all segments of the apple industry. Their mission is to provide the means for all segments of the U.S. apple industry to join in appropriate collective efforts to profitably produce and market apples and apple products.

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