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Elegant Cakes – Friday Favs 9/25/15
Life Should Be Cake

Friday Favs 9/25/15

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Some of my favorite new submissions this week:


Ever watched your man drop his towel and do a “sexy dance?”

And if so…

…does this look familiar?



It’s been a long time since I railed against the airbrush here on CW, but I want you all to know:

…it still sucks.

(I also want you to know that the urge to start quoting Princess Bride here is inconceivably strong.)


Keisha wanted this:


But Keisha GOT this:

Sorry, Keisha.


And Jamey would like us to know that these are little baby booties:

…NOT baby peckers.

Which made me laugh way more than it should.


And finally:

After seven years of documenting wreckage and weird wedding trends, it’s hard to surprise me.
But this?

That, my friends, is a professionally made wedding “cake” made of… waaaait for it…

You know, those dumpling things you’re supposed to eat with Kielbasa? Except these are covered in icing and stuffed with bananas and Sweet StayPuft it’s so wrong what is wrong with you people even the
real cheese cakes were better aaaaaaaaaaa


Happy Friday, y’all.


Thanks to Taylor H., Corinne K., Keisha D., Jamey I., & Missy S. for showing us what a raw oyster “cake” might look like. (I’m not the only one who see it, right?)


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