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Elegant Cakes – Grandma’s Roasted Potatoes
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Grandma’s Roasted Potatoes

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I’ve talked quite a bit in the past about my grandma’s Sunday dinners. It was a tradition for our family growing up, and one that provided my sister and I, and our cousins, with so many wonderful memories. I have such vivid memories of many of the staple items she would make on Sundays, and potatoes is high on that list. Along with at least one type of pasta, meat, and salad, my grandma made roasted potatoes. They have since come to be known simply as “Grandma’s potatoes”. Most Sundays she would have to make two batches because they’d disappear so quickly.

There was nothing inherently fancy about these potatoes – my grandma would hold a potato in one hand and cut off pieces with a paring knife, throw some olive oil in the pan, a little bit of seasoning, and then put them in the oven until they were nice and crispy. I can’t tell you how many fights were had over that bowl of potatoes. Everyone seemed to pick through to get to the super crunchy, slightly burnt ones. More than a few hands were slapped in the name of finding the best potatoes.

Those potatoes were one of the things that everyone missed the most once my grandma couldn’t cook anymore and eventually passed away. Since then, my sister has resurrected them and she does the best job of replicating them. Hers look just like my grandma’s – irregular shaped and all. She has made them on Christmas Eve for everyone to munch on while we wait for dinner to be ready, and for some random family dinners as well.

I was well past due to work on perfecting my grandma’s potatoes, and a couple of weeks ago I found myself craving them, so I got to work. My sister said that my grandma used gold potatoes and that they work the best, so I started there and used olive oil and the seasonings my grandma added, put it all under high heat and hoped for the best.

I don’t think mine looked like hers (I have an aversion to holding and cutting in the air since my knife incident last summer), but oh boy, did they taste like hers! The baking time could vary depending on how thick or thin your pieces are and if your oven runs hot or cold. As you can see, my pieces are no uniform, so I just check them periodically until they get nice and crisp on the bottom and are golden on top.

I absolutely love recreating my grandma’s recipes, but I really do wish she were still here to make them. I’m sure she’s happy that her food traditions are still alive and well

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