Life Should Be Cake

Move Over, Mensa

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I was taking a Mensa test the other day (what), and it suddenly occurred to me,
“This is nothing compared to puzzling out a good cake wreck.”


So I’m starting Wrecksa, for those of us who see beyond the frosting fails to the true meanings within.

Are you smart enough to be a Wrecksa member?


Question 1:

A is to B as sonnet is to __________.
a) asphalt
b) Viagra
c) hairball
d) antidisestablishmentarianism


Question 2:



Question 3:

What is the proper response to the following:

a) Klaatu barada nikto.
b) Do you see what I’m saying?
c) You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
d) No hablo Wreckspañol.


Question 4:

Write a haiku that captures the emotion expressed in this cake.


Question 5:

This is an example of:
a) binary
b) trinary
c) whynary
d) urinary

Express in base 10.


Question 6:

Which literary genre is represented here?
a) comedy
b) tragedy
c) satire
d) horror

Bonus question: Are those breasts or knees, and which would you find more disturbing? Defend your answer.


Question 7:

List, in chronological order, the 5 steps necessary to become profigent in accouting.


Question 8: Which is the most commonly wrecked contraction?

a) “You are”



(Welcome to my world.)


Answer Key: If you tried to answer any of these, you’re one of us.

Congratulons! Congraduations! Congrattuvations!

Well done!

Feel free to share your answers in the comments, so we can appreciate your genius.


Thanks to Marie P., Sarah L., Cheri R., Jessica W., Kristin M., Holly H., Matt L., and Coco for having the genius to wreckognize these wrecks.


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