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Elegant Cakes – Pupsicles
Life Should Be Cake


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Cookie cuteness alert! These tiny puppy popsicles make me all kinds of happy. After the kitty cones I just made, I couldn’t help but give dogs their day, too … and these sugar cookies turned out darling.

Here’s the cookie cutter I used. It comes in different sizes, but I bought the 2-inch size to make petite pops.

And here’s the cookie and royal icing recipe I used if you need one.

Place cut-out cookie dough shapes on a parchment-lined baking sheet and then make the ears. Just roll dough into small balls and place in position for the right sizing. About a pea size I guess. Then shape the dough into ears and press into the top curved sides of the popsicle to bake.


You can use an edible ink pen to draw a faint line as a guide for dripping chocolate. This helped a lot to make sure the curves are where I wanted them since the cookies are so small.

To decorate I used rainbow chip sprinkles for noses, mini confetti sprinkles for cheeks, tiny doggy bones for bows and some of these homemade sprinkles that I made.

Tint your royal icing in two colors. Pipe the lighter color on the bottom of the cookie and use a food pick tool to smooth out and coerce the icing into the exact position.

Place pink mini confetti sprinkles in position for cheeks. When the first color is dry, pipe the chocolate icing color on top.

Instead of piping and then flooding the royal icing, I used a consistency in between that was just thick enough to hold it’s shape without outlining first.

Before the icing dries, carefully place sprinkles and any bows in position and let dry.

When dry, pipe a large dot of royal icing in position for the snout and then carefully place a brown rainbow chip sprinkle in position for the nose. You could also pipe the noses as well.

To finish, draw eyes and mouths with a black edible ink pen and then dot the eyes with a tiny drop of white royal icing.

You can also pipe tiny dots around the cheeks to make them look extra adorable.

Pretty doggone cute!

Here’s one I’m holding for a better size reference.


I didn’t flatten or shape the ears for a few of the cookies when I baked them so I could try turning them into baby bears.

Now I want to make an entire batch of these cute little cubs. Cubsicles anyone?

Hope you enjoy!

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