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Elegant Cakes – Star Wars: The Sweets Awaken!
Life Should Be Cake

Star Wars: The Sweets Awaken!

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Thank goodness Christmas is done, so we can focus on the best end-of-year present for geeks yet:


♪ Bawwwm, baawm, bawm bawm bawm BAAAAWM bawm… ♫
Yep, I’ve got a GREAT feeling about this.


Don’t worry, this is a spoiler-free zone for those who haven’t seen the new movie yet. We’re just here to look at some stellar Star Wars sweets, not talk about [REDACTED] or [REDACTED] or especially that insane [REDACTED].

You’re welcome.

Starting with…

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s named after a bird so this kind of works!


There are approximately 12 parsecs worth of Falcon cakes out there, guys, but they don’t get any more perfect than this. That hull detail alone would make lesser bakers weep. WEEP, I SAY.


More perfection in the form of the best Stormtrooper helmet cake I’ve seen yet:


I haven’t seen any great Trooper cakes from The Force Awakens yet, but I *did* find this fun Captain Phasma bobblehead design:

You just want to squish her, right? But in an affectionate way.


And while we’re talking cute, BEHOLD!

The cutest cake in the galaxy!!

(Those are the droids I’m looking for, and desperately need on my desk, you guys. NEED.)


Less cute, but this snazzy Death Star design has the looks (and lasers) to kill:

Talk about a work of art! That hand painting is swoon-worthy, and I love the offset Death Star.


Some more new faces from The Force Awakens:

Rey and BB-8!


I don’t know if you guys have ever noticed this, but Darth Vader’s helmet is just about impossible to get right in cake. Seriously. I’ve only seen it done well a handful of times.

So imagine my delight in seeing not just his helmet, but Vader’s entire BODY done this well, and also LIFE-SIZED:

The Force is strong with this bakery. (And yes, he’s really cake!)


You may think this Rancor is more likely to take a bite out of YOU than the other way around:

Can you believe he’s cake, too? WOWZA.


And finally, let’s end with everyone favorite new character from The Force Awakens, who also gets the life-sized cake treatment:

Just watch out for Kylo with that knife, BB-8!


Happy Sunday, everyone!

Want more Star Wars cakes? Then check out my last roundup right here.


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