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Elegant Cakes – Sunday Sweets: Favorite Movie Villains!
Life Should Be Cake

Sunday Sweets: Favorite Movie Villains!

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Sometimes it’s good to be bad, and these fabulous villains are here to prove it.

Such impressive modeling skills – check out the poor unfortunate souls on the lower right!


Tempting as it was to do all Disney villains, I had to branch out – if only so I could include this guy:


And let me tell you, this is one of the most ingenious decorating techniques I’ve ever seen, combining a 2D edible image with 3D modeled sugar paste. It’s brilliant, I tell you. BRILLIANT.


All these years later, and this guy STILL freaks me out:


But everyone loves a good Sumerian Deity Destructor form!

AKA Staypuft.
(Yes, yes, I know: my geek is showing. ;))


I used to think Vader was the ultimate bad guy, but these days a certain bounty hunter is giving him a Kessel run for his money:

“We love you, Boba Fett!”
“I know. But you’re no good to me dead.”


It’s not often the bad guy smells like strawberries:


And the purple minions were pretty much bad guys, right?

Or at least grumpy.

Yep, definitely grumpy.


Care to roll the dice on an Oogie Boogie cake?


Of course, when it comes to comics, only one bad girl reigns supreme:

Harley Quinn, puddin!


I thought about looking for Poison Ivy, too, but then I decided this Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors was even better:



And finally, fresh from her new movie, there’s the Jolie-ified Maleficent herself:


Being bad has never been so beautiful.


Happy Sunday, everyone!

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